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Key Features of the Silly Billy Safety Bung:

-          The Silly Billy Safety Bung is new to the world market and is very simple and easy to use

(patent  pending)

-          Billy Bung is a self sealing, self draining safety bung

-          It is a non return ball valve inside a bung

-          You never have to remove Billy Bung, so you will never lose it

-          It self drains, which means when your boat is on the trailer or moving forward in the water, the pressure releases allowing the ball to open draining any water from inside the boat

-          It self seals, which is a safety feature for when you forget to close it or when you are purposely using it in the open position (not recommended).  When you put your boat in the water, the water pressure seats the ball stopping any water gushing into your boat. Not sutiable for use on a boat kept on a mooring.


Frequently Asked Questions:

-          What if the bung is a different size to the one already in my boat?

Billy bung is 38mm (1 ½”) which is generally the bigger sized bung.  If your bung is smaller you will simply need to make the hole bigger, which is a very easy job for any handyman or boat shop


-          How easy is it to fit?

Any handyman or boat builder/repairer will fit it in about 10 minutes. All the instructions are on the back of the packaging


-          What if debris gets stuck in the ball seat and it starts leaking?

 This is a very real question. In all the testing we have done we have never had this happen.   We added a plate to the end of the bung (as an extra safety precaution) which reduces the chances of larger debris entering the ball area.  However if it did start leaking simply try moving forward so any water inside the boat will drain out and flush the valve.  If it is still leaking simply screw Billy Bung closed


-           Can I take the bung out to wash my boat out?

Yes. You can screw Billy Bung completely out if required.  Wash out your boat, but be sure to screw it back when you have finished


-           Does it stand up to petrol?





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